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Ability to hide a sheet in kendo spreadsheet
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I want to know the combination keys that generate the paste event 

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In my testing of utilizing the spreadsheet component and starting off with for example 100 rows in the configuration options, using insert row typically seems to shift the data down (if you have anything below the cursor). It does not actually increase the number of rows in the sheet. 


For example if I initialize the spreadsheet with the following info:

        rows: 100,
        columns: 26


This will create the spreadsheet with 100 rows and columns A-Z as expected.

Now going anywhere in the sheet (or the end) and inserting a row above/or below will not add row 101, 102, 103, etc. In fact, if you are in the very last row and hit insert row below it will come up with a message regarding a possible loss of data. 

A couple things I have tried:

  • Utilizing the insertRow event and setting a flag for when the next render call happens to recreate the sheet using the fromJSON() function.This mostly works actually, however if you try this while the cursor is near the last row (within 1-2 cells) there seems to be some sort of bug that the data from toJSON() removes the data from rows 1 and 2, but only after column 2. For example see attached screenshot
  • Utilizing the insertRow event and updating event.sender.options.rows to increase by 1, it does something meaning the container expands in height by a little bit, but its an empty "row" with no grids and you cannot add content (it also does not have an # for the row). Looking at the actual JSON data it appears there are a lot of other locations rows is set, in the sheet, in the view, grid, etc.


So with that said, is it at all possible to actually add a row to the sheet as one would expect the behavior to be. This obviously still needs to call the internal functions to recalculate the ranges and data throughout the sheet; but somehow re-fresh or re-render the UI component (just calling render again doesn't fix it).



I appreciate your help with this.

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We have: Uncaught Error: The toDataURL method can be used only with jsZip 2. Either include jsZip 2 or use the toDataURLAsync method.

and we have:

so i implement a function SpreadSheetOnexcelExport on excelExport event:

$.SpreadSheetOnexcelExport = function(){
var args = arguments[0];
var options = args.sender.options;
var wb = args.workbook;
var wbX = new kendo.ooxml.Workbook(wb)
var dataURL = wbX.toDataURLAsync();
wbX.toDataURLAsync().then(function(dataURL) {
  dataURI: dataURL,
  fileName: options.excel.fileName

The problem is that, for fileName, I have no way to use the file name, selected by the user:

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The Spreadsheet widget is a good start, here are some additional ideas:

1) Ability to assign specific data columns to a spreadsheet column in DataSource data binding and format them.
	2) Control tools that can be visible in the toolbar as well as add custom toolbar items/tabs
	3) Enabled/Disable or Show/Hide tabs in tool bar. Alternatively, be able to add custom tabs and toolbar items as well.
	4) Events! need more events. Cell selected, Range selected, column selected, etc...
	5) Disable/Enable certain commands (such as Cut, Copy, Paste, Delete) based on #4 or other criteria. Useful if I do not want specific cell or column data copied or deleted.