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Date picker when entering the day or day and month to autofill the content with current year or current month and year, same as ajax datepicker
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I've tried one of your Dojo to use a dateTimePicker and it's not working like it supposed to.

I haven't changed anything on the Dojo before trying it. This behavior as not cause us any problem so far, it was just to inform you.

I try to enter a time in a PM, but it puts it in AM

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Created by: Charline
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Dear support,


I didn't find in your documentation if and how we can use data-* annotations to setup dataInput options of a datepicker.

I would like to do the same thing that the code below does but with MVVM data-* annotation.

                format: 'dd.MM.yyyy',
                dateInput: true,
                format: 'dd.MM.yyyy',
                messages: {
                    'year': 'yyyy',
                    'month': 'mm',
                    'day': 'dd'

I globally use data-bind for html and kendo UI components. 

I just added the data-format in my html like below, and it works.

  <input data-role="datepicker" id="dateExample" data-format="dd.MM.yyyy" data-bind="value: myValue">

I wonder if we can setup format and messages options for the dateinput of the datepicker with MVVM without using jquery (with something like data-dateinput, data-dateinput-format, data-dateinput-messages...).


Thanks in advance for your usual support.



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Created by: Iggy
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When the dateInput property is set to true, the readonly method does not make the widget completely non-editable. It restricts user input, however, the date can be modified using the arrow keys.

Reproduction of the issue in a Dojo sample:

1. Initialize DatePicker
2. Set the dateInput property to true
3. Call the readonly() method

Current behavior

Value can be changed with the arrow keys

Expected/desired behavior

The value should not be editable


  • Kendo UI version: 2019.1.220
  • jQuery version: 1.12.4
  • Browser: [all]