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Created by: Madura
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Category: Upload
Type: Feature Request
I would like to have Kendo upload widget in a popup window to track the upload progress, while user navigate through different child pages in master page application. 
Larger file upload will take time and it will be very useful to have such a capability progress through the upload while user able to perform other things.
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Created by: salloum
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Category: Upload
Type: Feature Request

Implement functionality that enables the dynamic change of the chunk size when uploading a file.

This change should depend on file size and upload speed. 

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Reproduction of the Problem:


  • Select multiple files in Upload-Widget with not allowed extensions or filesize greater then allowed
  • Remove one File from the list (not the last one)
  • Then the upload of the next file starts

This behaivior only occures when Chunk Upload is selected and some kind of validation is activated too.

Expected behaivior:

When Removing a file the file is just removed from the list and no upload ist starting.



<input name="file" id="file" type="file" />


    $(document).ready(function () {

            async: {
                withCredentials: false,
                saveUrl: "save",
                chunkSize: 2000000,
                saveField: "files",
                autoUpload: false
            validation: {
                maxFileSize: 500


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Created by: Tayger
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Category: Upload
Type: Feature Request
When uploading a file the option "allowedExtensions" cares about the case sensitivity and blocks f.e. a file called "image.PNG" when allowedExtension is set to "png" (lower cased). 

Expected: Case sensitivity will be ignored or could be activated/deactivated by another option.
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Created by: Sunil
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Category: Upload
Type: Feature Request


I came across an issue in Kendo Upload UI for Vue. The tooltip is not getting changed on file drag. I could reproduce the same in the official kendo website.

Please find the screenshot below