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There is an accessibility issue regarding MAS 4.2.1 - Object Information.

Using keyboard navigation and screen reader (Windows Narrator),

While the focus is on expanded tree item (with inner children), screen reader should not read all the children information in one go, it should read one by one.

See the attached video.

Can you help please?




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I am using Kendo tree view with drag and drop feature enabled in it. I am facing problem with it in my Samsung note 10 mobile. Where a normal swipe on the phone with the tree view is picked up as a drag and drop. Is there a way to differentiate between these two.



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When drag and drop is enabled in a treeview, dragging a node from one treeview to another adds it to the other tree and removes it from the first. It would be nice if the move could also be specified as a 'copy' (leaving the source untouched).
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Ability to change a treeview node's description (node text) inline on the fly
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Bug report

The expandTo and expandPath methods of the TreeView do not change the data-expanded and aria-expanded attributes to "true".

Reproduction of the problem

  1. Open this Dojo, which demonstrates two different TreeViews using the two methods.
  2. Inspect the expanded items.

Current behavior

After the items are expanded, their data-expanded and the aria-expanded attributes are false.

Expected/desired behavior

After the items are expanded, their data-expanded and the aria-expanded attributes should be set to true.


  • Kendo UI version: 2019.3.1023
  • Browser: [all]
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It would be great, if I get a feature to allow to drag multiple selected nodes from treeview to drop to Treelist nodes. I need this by using MVC telerik not Kendo
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I'm not sure if a treeview component is planned for R1 2018 but a treeview react component would be very useful.