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Created by: Derek
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Add marker clustering support to the Kendo UI DataViz Map control.
If you are viewing a map with many markers nearby, they should group together so that the map is more pleasing to the eye.

This functionality already exists in the Telerik Silverlight Map control and it would be great to see similar functionality here.

Here's an example of what I want:
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Created by: Lee
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My map takes a few seconds to load the background and all of the data points. I would like to hide it until everything is complete. Is there an event I can use similar to the grid's dataBound event so that I can add a class called "show" to the container as soon as everything is ready? 
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Created by: Chris
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Type: Bug Report

When a user clicks on the map outside of a shape (i.e. in an ocean) and drags to pan around the map, the click event does not get fired fired after panEnd.  

When a user clicks on a shape (i.e. a Montana) and then drags to pan around the map, the shapeClick event fires after panEnd.

This issue is reproducible on the events demo page:


The events reported when clicking and dragging on a shape, (bottom being first event):

Shape click :: Montana
Pan ended at :: 50.401515,-62.841797
Pan to :: 50.401515,-62.841797
Pan to :: 50.401515,-62.666016
Pan to :: 50.625073,-62.666016
Pan to :: 50.736455,-62.666016

Shape mouseEnter :: Montana

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Created by: Manak
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When we will able to use Google Map Api like Bing?