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Scheduled for 2019.R3
Created by: Lemon
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Category: ModalView (Mobile)
Type: Bug Report

Using the MobileView AngularJS directive throws an error upon initialization. This is a regression from 2019 R2 release.

Reproduction of the problem

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Bug report
When using Spreadsheet with SASS theme and entering an array formula with Ctrl+Shift+Enter the {} braces surrounding array formula in the formula bar are not displayed.

Reproduction of the problem
Enter the following formula in any cell within the dojos below cell and press Ctrl+Shift+Enter : =Product(C3:C11)
dojo of a Spreadsheet demo with LESS theme
dojo of a Spreadsheet demo with SASS theme

Current behavior
Spreadsheet with LESS based theme displays the array formula correctly in the formula bar: {=Product(C3:C11)}
Spreadsheet with SASS based theme displays the array formula incorrectly in the formula bar: =Product(C3:C11)

Expected/desired behavior
Spreadsheet with SASS based theme should display array formulas with {} braces: {=Product(C3:C11)}

Kendo UI version: 2019.3.1023

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Created by: Michael D
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Category: Toolbar
Type: Bug Report
  • Create a Toolbar with 2 SplitButtons in the Overflow
  • Use Keyboard to open the Overflow Menu
  • Keyboard Navigation is trapped in the first SplitButton and the second SplitButton can not accessed via Keyboard Navigation

See the following dojo: