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Scheduled for R1 2020
Created by: james
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Category: Application (Mobile)
Type: Bug Report


Virtual scorller is slow and if you move lot of up/down then sometimes freze totally.


This can also happened on your demo page:


Can you fix it because this scenario is is not usable for productio environment.


Thanks in advance,




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Created by: john
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Category: Window
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I have a scrollable div within kendo Window.

The said div contains selectable thumbnail, it will show a bigger version if clicked (functionality not included in the attached file)

The problem when there will be hundreds to thousands of images the scrolling in IE11 becomes almost unresponsive.

Attached sample have around a 1000.

Tested it with bootstrap modal, did not have any issue with scrolling in IE11.

Issue does not happen in other browsers, is this an issue with repaint and scroll in IE?