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When using a grid vith virtual scrolling it is currently not possible to get the current result that is viewed. I wanted to show the user approximatelly where he/she currently, i.e., I wanted to display in the GUI something like "Displaying rows 501-600 of 3211" when the pageSize is 100 and the total number of rows in the Grid is 3211. 

This would be helpful for orientation when using virtual scrolling with a high number of results. 

I have tried and this one is not currently possible to use. The results will be something like 100,200,300,400,500,600,500,700 sometimes going back a hundred and somtimes going forward 200 when using the scrollbar to scroll downwards.

Please check yourself by just creating a virtual scrolling grid with server side operations. Put the printout in the event handler for "DataBound". Page(), Skip() etc are not possible to use for the inconsistent behavior according to above. 

You help has not been able to find a solution or workaround for this and suggested I ask for this as new functionality.
Need More Info
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In my kendo grid , when i apply a filter to 2 columns, first i apply filter to numeric column which results in no value and then after that i applies the filter to a string column combined with numeric column which also results to no value, Nothing is displayed. But when i remove the value from textbox of numeric column and enter filter, no data being displayed as string column filter is there but in case i remove the value from textbox of string column and enter filter , numeric column filter also got removed.

I also checked the kendo functionality , but not getting any solution for this problem.