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Created by: Papas
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Category: TreeList
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Steps to reproduce bug:

  • add also toolbar: ["excel"] on config options
  • Run dojo and hit export

The result has broken Headers

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When the Kendo UI Treelist is horizontally scrollable and a filter is applied which returns no items, the scrollbar disappears. Therefore, if the column is one of the hidden ones, it would be impossible to navigate to it in order to clear the filter. 

A Dojo sample for the reproduction of the issue:

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Created by: John A
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Category: TreeList
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Noticed an issue with Tree list pagination, after applying filter.Please find attached screen recorder for the same.

Same issue i had in my application, which was able to reproduce using the  Telerik Demo's from

--When it first load and minimize/collapse the parent it correctly shows page 1 as available pages.

-->Then Apply filter as shown in recorder, which then shows pages up to 5 where there were no records to display from page 2 to 5. Which is quite misleading.
Please find attached recorder.
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Scheduled for 2019.R3
Created by: Konstantin
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Category: TreeList
Type: Bug Report
The TreeList databound event is not fired when pageable is used and an item is collapsed. Here is a dojo to replicate the case. Run the sample and collapse Guy.
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When attempting to use the filter function on a TreeListDataSource, the linked TreeList control reports that are no records to display regardless of what filter is entered.  This includes attempts to clear/reset the filters using an empty object/null and behaves the same regardless of whether serverFiltering is enabled.

The TreeListDataSource object contains the expected records.

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When using the grid in navigatable mode, cells are correctly described, as seen in line 6014 of kendo.grid.js:

if (navigatable) {
   rowTemplate += ' aria-describedby=\'' + + '\'';

This simple, yet essential functionality is missing in TreeList.