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Enable kendo UI to Export excel with images
it would be a great feature if kendo supports to add images while exporting excel sheets
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I use the Kendo controls via the ASP.Net MVC wrapper, so my examples are in that context.

The Kendo Grid can display multiple controls in a cell via Editor Templates, but my understanding from my experiments and from Kiril's reply on this forum post ( is that editing these controls will not work properly.

Being able to host multiple controls in a cell gives us more options in UI design.  In my case, I am using it to group related controls and prevent the grid from being very wide.
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We have a problem when working with grid in batch edit mode which puts different fields in the In cell edit mode.

The problem is that cell that are not edited (for example you create a new row, edit only the first field, press save) are never validated. This is of course because they never went into edit mode, so the control and validation was never rendered.

Please give us a feature for such scenario.
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When multi-select and batch editing is enabled, it would be nice to have a built-in feature to edit those rows all at once. Something like a popup with an editor for each column selected.

The basic idea:

- Selection mode has to be multiple. Both row and cell should be fine.
- Edit mode: Batch preferably for performance reason (but allow other?).

- [Grid widget] New multiEdit() method. Accepts an optional rowIndexes[], rowGuids[] or cellGuids[] parameter. If parameter array > 1 or parameter is null and selection > 1, open edit popup for specified or selected cells accordingly.
- [Toolbar] Built-in Edit button. Disabled if selection <= 1.
- [Popup] A popup with an editor for each selected (or passed into argument) columns.

The popup could potentially be template based but I don't know how this would work out with the editors not always available. I leave that up to you :)

Instead of a popup, it could also be (or as an extra optional feature maybe?) a fixed row right under the header that appears when you try to edit multiple rows. Sorta like the filter row but for editing.

Perhaps you could even give this feature it's own edit mode. That mode would display the fixed row permanently and would disable individual editing. Upon selection, that fixed row would take up the value of the selected row (or display "Multiple" when the values differ) and changing that value would set all the selected cells of the column to that value. 

PS. I saw the other multi-row editing suggestion. It was mainly about having mutliple rows opened for edit at once. I understand the technicalities behind why it's a bit of a mess to do. This is not what I'm asking for here. My suggestion involves having only a single editor per column
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We are working on enterprise product, which uses Progress Telerik jQuery KendoUI components extensively purchased by our Company. In which Kendo grid is used in many modules of our product.

Now a days we are working on Accessibility (i.e. keyboard and screen reader) as part of out-of-box feature of our product.

The grid has been made accessible so that it can be navigated using the keyboard arrow keys, once it receives focus via Tab Key in order of tab index or Alt + W short cut key. In turn, this has spawned up one issue in terms of keyboard operatibility. You can now tab into the grid, use arrow keys to navigate to the cell containing action buttons and then again tab to the button that you want to activate.

This is causing confusion in terms of use of the tab key. Ideally, the tab should take focus from one widget to another. That is the tab key should have taken focus into the grid and pressing it again should have navigated away from the grid. But because of the action buttons displayed within the grid for each record, that tab also navigates controls within the grid widget. This causes numerous press of the tab key just to traverse past the grid widget.

Now due to this, user needing to press the tab key multiple times is an accessibility issue.

Also while referring Grid control demo on , we found the same type of behavior when traversing through “Edit” and “Delete” buttons. One of the code snippet developed by us using can be referred on

It would be great if this issue is addressed with a good accessible way.


Please find below reply received from on the accessibility forum, when we tried raising the issue to find out the remedial solution:

Reply 1 by "Glen Walker"

Just to make sure we're talking about the right type of component, a grid vs a table, a grid is like a spreadsheet where you can interact with all the cells.  I agree that a grid should be a single tab stop so that you can easily navigate to the elements after the grid.  However, I have seen implementations that once you're in the grid and in "edit mode", you can tab amongst the cells.  This is helpful if the cell contains an element that uses the arrow keys (such as a radio or select) and you want the arrows interpreted by the element and not navigate to the next cell.  You then need to get out of "edit mode" (perhaps via the escape key) in order to tab off the grid.

A table, on the other hand, doesn't let you interact with the cell directly but that doesn't mean a cell cannot have an interactive element.  That is, you can have links or buttons or inputs in a table cell and it'd still be considered a table and not a grid.  It's kind of a fine nuance.  A grid lets you interact with the cell itself and a table might let you interact with an element that is in the cell, but not with the cell itself.

There is, of course, more to this than that but I was trying to keep it basic and simple.

So, that being said, do you really have a grid or a table?

Let's say you really have a table instead of a grid, and that one of the cells in your table has several buttons, and that pattern is repeated on every row.  You would indeed have a bunch of tab stops, making it difficult to navigate beyond the table.

One possibility is if all the button actions are grouped together, they could be considered a toolbar.  A toolbar is one tab stop and you arrow between the buttons, but you'd still have the problem of having a toolbar on every row.  A toolbar would reduce the number of tab stops compared to having all separate buttons but you'd still have X number of tab stops for X rows.  One for each toolbar.

Maybe a grid in that case would be better.  Tab to the grid, tab again to whatever element follows the grid.  Tab back to the grid and use the arrow keys to navigate to the desired row.  Maybe the row goes into "edit mode" automatically when it receives focus with the arrow and then all the interactive elements in the row get a tabindex of 0.

That might be a bit non-standard and there probably isn't a good "role" to explain the behavior.  A bit of usability testing might be required.



Chirag Vidani

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I'd like the ability to choose the behavior of mutli-row selection on a virtual grid with persisted selection.


For purpose of example, assume we have a virtual grid with 50 rows (pager controls not shown), a page size of 10, and persisted selection.

1. Select row 1 on page 1.

2. Scroll down to trigger page 2 to load (rows 11-20).

3. Select row 11, page 2.

4. Current Behavior: Both row 1 and row 11 remain selected.

5. Desired Behavior: Only row 11 remains selected.


Reasoning: I believe that a virtual scrolling grid should have selection behavior identical to a single page. That means that the only way to add rows to the selection is holding down control/shift during selection. In other words, on page 1 of the above example, if I select row 1, then row 2, only row 2 remains selected. If I select row 1, then Ctrl+click/Shift+click row 2, both remain selected. For virtual scrolling where multiple pages are displayed fluidly as if a single page, it seems odd to have the selection behave differently.

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i have a grid with a lot of data for a better representation i show some related values with a template in the cell below each other. 
This solution is not optimal because I don't have the filter and sort function in the column header for every single field. 
Enclosed an example which illustrates my wish.
I would be happy if you implement this feature in a future release.

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Created by: Karl Mikesell
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It would be nice if additional template variables where available, the only two: pageNum & totalPages are not enough.

Consider Time of Day & Filename at a minimum.


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We need the ability to merge grid rows with the same values (see attached). This is a feature our customers have come accustom to with our Windows UI and the Developer Express toolkit. I understand I can manipulate the rowTemplate to achieve similar results but it is my understanding this will cause issues with row selection, editing, etc... Is this something that can be introduced in the future?