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Category: Kendo UI for jQuery
Type: Feature Request
Add the AJAX FileExplorer to the MVC Controls Toolset with additonal built-in features I would like to see:
1. Support for UNC paths so that the root folder may be located in a network share as opposed to a folder under the application folder.
2. Support for sub-pathing so that it can be dynamically programmed to support direct display of target folder without having to navigate to the target folder
3. Built-in Delete function to complement the built-in Upload function
4. Optionally select display of a checkbox column to allow for multiple selection for items to be Deleted or Downloaded
5. Built-in Progress Bar for Upload and Download functions
6. Optionally select automatic filtering of hidden files and directories from the display
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Created by: Ben Hayat
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Category: Kendo UI for jQuery
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The most important part of using Vue especially in Mobile, is it's small size and performance. Unfortunately, Kendo UI's Vue components are wrappers around jQuery which is something we are trying to avoid in our  ongoing developments.
I'd like to suggest building NEW Vue components in full native format with no despondency on other none related frameworks.