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Date picker when entering the day or day and month to autofill the content with current year or current month and year, same as asp.net ajax datepicker
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Created by: Charline
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Category: Date/Time Pickers
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Dear support,


I didn't find in your documentation if and how we can use data-* annotations to setup dataInput options of a datepicker.

I would like to do the same thing that the code below does but with MVVM data-* annotation.

            self.date= $('#dateExample').kendoDatePicker({
                format: 'dd.MM.yyyy',
                dateInput: true,
                format: 'dd.MM.yyyy',
                messages: {
                    'year': 'yyyy',
                    'month': 'mm',
                    'day': 'dd'

I globally use data-bind for html and kendo UI components. 

I just added the data-format in my html like below, and it works.

  <input data-role="datepicker" id="dateExample" data-format="dd.MM.yyyy" data-bind="value: myValue">

I wonder if we can setup format and messages options for the dateinput of the datepicker with MVVM without using jquery (with something like data-dateinput, data-dateinput-format, data-dateinput-messages...).


Thanks in advance for your usual support.



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Created by: Iggy
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When the dateInput property is set to true, the readonly method does not make the widget completely non-editable. It restricts user input, however, the date can be modified using the arrow keys.

Reproduction of the issue in a Dojo sample:

1. Initialize DatePicker
2. Set the dateInput property to true
3. Call the readonly() method

Current behavior

Value can be changed with the arrow keys

Expected/desired behavior

The value should not be editable


  • Kendo UI version: 2019.1.220
  • jQuery version: 1.12.4
  • Browser: [all]

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Created by: Srikanth
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Hi All,


Datepicker is closing after clicking month or year not waiting until selecting the date.

We are using IPAD IOS 13.2.2 version and loading the data in desktop website in IPAD. Dojo also not working properly in IPAD with desktop mode.







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Created by: Ján Horník
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Category: Date/Time Pickers
Type: Bug Report

Bug report

When the Kendo UI TimePicker is used as an editor and the dateInput option is set to true, incorrect validation is initiated. By default, the DateInput underlying widget min option is set to today's date. 

Reproduction of the problem

1. Create a TimePicker widget.

2. Set the dateInput option to true.

3. Open the cell for editing.

4. Press enter and see the default value applied.

Dojo sample:


Expected/desired behavior

When the TimePicker min option is set, the DateInput widget should take the min from the options of its owner, rather than taking today's date.


Set the options of the DateInput after the initialization of the widget:

 $(input).getKendoTimePicker()._dateInput.options.min =  new Date(1910, 9, 11);


* **Kendo UI version:** 2020.1.114
* **jQuery version:** 1.12.4
* **Browser:** [all] 

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I've tried one of your Dojo to use a dateTimePicker and it's not working like it supposed to.

I haven't changed anything on the Dojo before trying it. This behavior as not cause us any problem so far, it was just to inform you.

I try to enter a time in a PM, but it puts it in AM

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