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Created by: Tayger
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When uploading a file the option "allowedExtensions" cares about the case sensitivity and blocks f.e. a file called "image.PNG" when allowedExtension is set to "png" (lower cased). 

Expected: Case sensitivity will be ignored or could be activated/deactivated by another option.
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Created by: Sunil
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I came across an issue in Kendo Upload UI for Vue. The tooltip is not getting changed on file drag. I could reproduce the same in the official kendo website.

Please find the screenshot below

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Reproduction of the Problem:


  • Select multiple files in Upload-Widget with not allowed extensions or filesize greater then allowed
  • Remove one File from the list (not the last one)
  • Then the upload of the next file starts

This behaivior only occures when Chunk Upload is selected and some kind of validation is activated too.

Expected behaivior:

When Removing a file the file is just removed from the list and no upload ist starting.



<input name="file" id="file" type="file" />


    $(document).ready(function () {

            async: {
                withCredentials: false,
                saveUrl: "save",
                chunkSize: 2000000,
                saveField: "files",
                autoUpload: false
            validation: {
                maxFileSize: 500


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Created by: salloum
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Category: Upload
Type: Feature Request

Implement functionality that enables the dynamic change of the chunk size when uploading a file.

This change should depend on file size and upload speed.