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Please provide a property that will enable the ValueAxis of Radar Chart to be visible on top of the RadarArea series.

Currently, if the RadarArea Series has the opacity property set to 1.0, it masks the ValueAxis. To make the ValueAxis visible, the RadarArea's opacity should be reduced and this in turn makes the color of RadarArea less appealing.

Please provide a feature whereby we can make the ValueAxis visible through the RadarArea series without compromising on the opacity.

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Created by: Lee
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I would like a built in vertical scrollbar or other visual indicator on bar charts that can be panned or scrolled.
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Created by: Hitendra
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Hi Team,

It would be nice to have a feature in Charts were we can drag and drop the series points especially with Line & Bar charts. This will allow the end user to interact with data visually.

Here is the example link:


Thank You,


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-- Problem:  Consider a datasource where at least two date fields span a large time frame.  We can build a chart that aggregates that data by small units (categoryAxis.baseUnits) such as 'days' or 'months'.  That chart however contains many empty data points and the 'real' data is difficult to locate on the chart.  This often requires zooming in and out many times to view the data one is looking for.  However, it is still very valuable to be able to group by day or month, and to view this data in one succinct image.

-- Demo: The best way to experience this is to use the following Demo

This dojo is from the 'Date axis' chart demo on the site under Kendo UI for JQuery.  Edit the example.  There are 17 values in the datasource.  Change the year on the last value to '2019'.  All current values have dates between 2011-2012.

-- Required Chart Setup: Create a chart utilizing the following chart options

series.aggregate = 'avg'

categoryAxis.baseUnit = 'days'

dataSource with fields that contain at least one large date span

-- Suggestion

Add option to hide date aggregates chart points where no data exists within the datasource.


-- Image

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Last Updated: 25 Nov 2019 23:23 by Fredrik

We want the Kendo chart widget (RadHtmlChart actually) to blend in with the webpage we use it in. In this page, we use font-weight 300. Since there is no way to specify the font-weight in the chart, we have had to use a hack to specify it:


            function chartLoad(chart, args) {
                chart.get_kendoWidget().setOptions({ title: { font: "20px sans-serif; font-weight: 300" }});


This is not only a clumpsy hack, but it also make use of a custom skin impossible (for setting the font).

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Last Updated: 09 Aug 2019 13:07 by Dean Wyant

Add some visual indication (scrollbar, arrow image, etc.)  to give a hint to the user that the panning is enabled and there are currently not visible items in the chart:

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The out of the box legend does not offer the ability to split its items and to show them as labels over the series (graphs).


Extract my attached zip file and look at the MSWord document which shows you where I would like to position the 2 legends.

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Created by: Petko
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Hello, I am trying to implement scatter chart with multiple axes. How do I specify the series-data attribute to be [columnName, elementVal] Attached is a picture of the excel table I'm trying to reproduce.