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Created by: Sebastian
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I want to sort rows and columns by values (not fieldnames).

One way to do that is like it's done by DevExpress (https://demos.devexpress.com/ASPxPivotGridDemos/OLAP/Browser.aspx). By right clicking a field i can choose for with field, row, column and measurement i want to sort. But even this solution could be more userfriendly.

Another more direct solution would be to sort by clicking on a measurement field or if there is only one, on a fieldname.

Both are just suggestions. But the functionality of sorting by values is really relevant.

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Created by: andrew
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Your friend  devexpress have very nice compact pivot grid layout

Can we also have it on kendo ui ?
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Created by: Sebastian
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Category: PivotGrid
Type: Feature Request
The values and fieldnames can be very long or very short. Based on that, values and fieldnames are often truncated or lost in a way to wide column. That behavior has many downsides:
- The PivotGrid need much more space then it should
- Long values and fieldnames can't be read
- It's totally not responsive and looks bad

Competitors solution:
- http://www.igniteui.com/pivot-grid/all-grid-features
- http://webix.com/pivot/

Problem-solving approach:
- Show resize icon when hovering over a the bar between two columns
- Resize this column to it's min. width (value or fieldname) after a double click on this bar
- Manual resizing of the column by drag and drop of this bar
- Automatically size columns to there min. width on initialisation
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Created by: Erik
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I would like to see a persist state feature like in the grid control applied to the pivot grid.  A complex cube state is difficult for our users to set up each time the page is loaded.  It would be great to save the current state of the pivotgrid and restore it on future visit.
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Created by: Miron
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Setting dimensions in pivot grid with fields of data type "number" or "date" the filter menu opens with conditions and input component as if the fields are of "string" type,  how do I configure the filter menu to act according it's data type. 

In case of date/number data type, in the Include fields filter the selected  items are not persistent - when a user selects some of the values and reenters the include fields the selected values are not saved.



Miron Konrad