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My map takes a few seconds to load the background and all of the data points. I would like to hide it until everything is complete. Is there an event I can use similar to the grid's dataBound event so that I can add a class called "show" to the container as soon as everything is ready? 
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Created by: Chris
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When a user clicks on the map outside of a shape (i.e. in an ocean) and drags to pan around the map, the click event does not get fired fired after panEnd.  

When a user clicks on a shape (i.e. a Montana) and then drags to pan around the map, the shapeClick event fires after panEnd.

This issue is reproducible on the events demo page:


The events reported when clicking and dragging on a shape, (bottom being first event):

Shape click :: Montana
Pan ended at :: 50.401515,-62.841797
Pan to :: 50.401515,-62.841797
Pan to :: 50.401515,-62.666016
Pan to :: 50.625073,-62.666016
Pan to :: 50.736455,-62.666016

Shape mouseEnter :: Montana

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Created by: Manak
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When we will able to use Google Map Api like Bing?