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Created by: Max
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In horizontal configuration, with resources displayed down the left side of the control, a large number of resources will cause the control to stop functioning.  In some cases, like ours, we do not have the option to filter the resources by those that have scheduled events, and so infinite scrolling is necessary for the number of resources we need to support. For reference, see the forum post about this here:
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Currently events >24h are automatically shown in the all day area. This is confusing if the event starts or ends somewhere during the day. E.g. it starts at 5 p.m. on tuesday and ends on 11 a.m. on thursday.

Noone knows when the resource is really available if the event is shown as all day from tuesday to thursday.

There should be an option to turn that behaviour off and show such events as regular events.

Maybe the only thing needing change is this line in _renderEvents:
var isMultiDayEvent = event.isAllDay || event.end.getTime() - event.start.getTime() >= MS_PER_DAY;
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Created by: Michael
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We have a need to be able to provide a dropdown above the scheduler, in order to allow the end user to change the time zone of the scheduler dynamically, even after it has been initialized.  Our team was disappointed that this is currently not possible (, but maybe in the future.  Thanks for reading.
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Created by: Hitendra
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Hi Team,


It would be nice to have a feature of Collapsible / Expandable grouping function like tree view in Kendo Scheduler Timeline view. We have multiple head groups with 100 sub groups which we are not currently able to Expand / Collapse.


Sample Expand / Collpase feature like

File attached for reference.


Thank you.




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A user deletes an occurence because a few people are ill. Five minutes later the superior enters the office and says the meeting happens anyway. Or the user deletes a wrong occurence.

Resetting the recurrence might not be an option for long running meetings. Like weekly Scrum, project jour fix, ... where the other exceptions should persist. Currently the user has to create a new, separate event.

The exceptions could be rendered as multiselect or list in a separate window which opens after a button click. That way the recurrence editor would not look messy with lots of exceptions.

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Bug report

Reproduction of the problem

Reproducible in the Events demo.

  1. In the AllDay slot click and drag the mouse from Monday to Wednesday.
  2. The change event fires 3 times (expected).
  3. Click on Wednesday to select only that slot.
  4. The change event does not fire.

Also reproducible when selecting the slots from right to left (Wed to Mon) and then selecting the last slot (Mon).

The behavior is identical when selecting slots in a specific day, e.g. selecting and dragging from 8:00 to 10:00 and then selecting the last slot (9:30-10:00).

Current behavior

The change event does not fire.

Expected/desired behavior

The change event fires.


  • Kendo UI version: 2019.2.619
  • jQuery version: x.y
  • Browser: [all ]
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Created by: Brightstar
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According to the documentation for this method should "Gets or sets the events (or slots) which are selected." But if I pass in an array of multiple uid elements it only selects the last item in the array.


jsbin example:,js,output

Really just added a function to select all:

function SelectAll() {
  var scheduler = $("#scheduler").data("kendoScheduler");
  var allEvents =, i) { return val.uid; });;


Click the 'Select All' button.

Expected: Selects all events.

Actual: Selects only last event.


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I'm looking to be able to modify agenda view, so that it is like the group headers in grid - having the date as the group header and then the events that occur on that date shown underneath (also collapsible). Is this possible?

I also tried to do this in the grid but it doesn't seem to work due to the fact that it using a start and an end, not a single date column.




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Bug report

When the Scheduler is grouped, selecting a cell from the last row does not mark it as selected in IE 11 in TimelineView.

Reproduction of the problem

You will notice that the same cell in the previous row is marked as selected.

Current behavior

Selection does not mark the correct cell as selected in TimeLine View with grouping.

Expected/desired behavior

Selection should mark the correct cell as selected in TimeLine View with grouping.


  • Kendo UI version: 2019.2.516
  • Browser: [all]
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Dear Support Team,

Please try the following scenario. Create a weekly recurring event for the 4rth of April that has no end. 
Go at the next week (9/4 - 13/4) and move the event (11/4) 1 hour forward. At the confirmation popup please select 'Edit the series'.
Go back to the previous week (2/4 - 6/4). The event of 4/4 has disappeared!!

The specific dates are used as an example. Feel free to use any date your want.

Thank you in advance,

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Created by: Dustin
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Type: Bug Report

See demo:

I'm not sure about other themes but this is the one we use.  Submitting so you can provide a fix in next version but can you provide a CSS fix for this that we can add to our page in the meantime?

See attached screenshot.


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Created by: Brodie
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Hi there,


I would like to know if there is a way to add aggregates to a kendo scheduler?


There is a particular value that I'd like to apply an aggregate.sum to, then have that sum appear in a header. Is this possible with the scheduler? or is there some work around?


Thank you,



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In some cases, especially when grouping is involved, the day/week/workWeek views may end up with too many events in a single slot. If the total width of those events could not fit within the slot size, those events will overflow and cover some of their sibling events. To avoid such a result, events rendering in a scrollable container should be considered. This way each event will have a minimum width even if it has too many siblings in the same slot.

Here is a Dojo sample demonstrating the case:

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Currently, the method that selects the events after depends on the events' uids. However, upon data binding, new event elements are created, with different uids. Therefore the corresponding event is not selected.