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Release 2019.R2.SP.Next
Created by: Ricardo
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Category: Spreadsheet
Type: Bug Report

We find a formatting problem, when we have a relatively small result, for example (0.05%) the referring component on the screen gives a strange value (-,05%) as shown in the image below.

We want to know if you can help us with this.

Thank you.
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Release 2019.R2.SP.Next
Hello Patrick,

Thank you for your feedback. I managed to reproduce the scenario in this Dojo example. The current behavior looks like a bug. Therefore I have converted this thread to a Bug report in our Feedback portal. I also provide you a link with the issue to our public GitHub repository where you can also find further information on the matter. Until the bug is fixed, I would recommend you not to use 0 as grouping criteria in you project.

I also updated your Telerik Points as a thank you for your feedback.

Veselin Tsvetanov
Progress Telerik
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Release 2019.R2.SP.Next

The issue is reproducible when the grid consists only from Multi-header columns, the setDataSource() method has been used and one of the columns is initially hidden.

After setting the new data source, the last header gets hidden. The "display: none;" style has been applied to the "th" HTML element.

Steps to reproduce:

1. Create a grid with multi-header columns only.

2. Hide one column initially.

3. Set a new data source via the setDataSource() method.

4. The last column gets hidden.

Sample Dojo:

Kendo UI version: 2019.1.220

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Release 2019.R2
Created by: tan tan
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Category: Window
Type: Bug Report

I use Windows as a sliding pane. How do I make the window still the default size when the window is minimized and then restored?

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Created by: Reqs
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Category: Kendo UI for jQuery
Type: Bug Report


1. Navigate to: (open the dojo sample in edit mode, but not in FullScreen)

2. Scroll Grid to the last item.

3. Open for editing ProductName cell.

4. Open for editing Discontinued cell.

Result: 'Discontinued' cell of the second item will be opened for editing.

Expected: 'Discontinued' cell of the last item should be opened for editing.

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Release 2019.R2.SP.Next
Created by: Brian
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Category: TreeView
Type: Bug Report

Hi there,

We noticed an issue with our Numeric TextBox after a recent upgrade on Chrome.  We're currently on Version 73.0.3683.86 (Official Build) (64-bit), the latest version at the time of writing.  Our setup has a grid using a TreeView as an editor template.  The TreeView, in turn, uses a NumericTextBox inside its item template.  I've prepared a working demo that illustrates the issue.  If you click on the last column of the grid, expand the TreeView and click on one of the NumericTextboxes, you will see that it loses the focus as soon as you click on it.  As a result, it's impossible to input anything into those fields.  Any other browsers don't have this issue.

We had a lot of issue reports from our clients this week so we're pretty sure it's a recent update from Chrome.  Please let me know if you need further clarification.  This is a fairly serious issue for us as it's affecting one of the main functionalities of our web application.  If you can provide a temporary workaround before the proper fix comes out, that'd be great.



Brian Roth

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Release 2019.R2

Actual behavior:

User uses down key or mouse scroll to change the time. A 00:00 hour is set instead of chosen hour on blur.

Expected behavior:

A value chosen by user remains selected. It's not changed by the timepicker.

Additional Context:

This problem occurs only when picker.enable(true) is called after component creation and user uses down arrow / mouse scroll to get to the the 'previous' day. When no .enable method is called everything works fine. Please see attached code snippets and gifs.

Dojo link:

Bug can be reproduced using the following code snippet:

 $(document).ready(function () {
    // create TimePicker from input HTML element
    var picker = $("#timepicker").kendoTimePicker({
            dateInput: true,
            format: 'HH:mm'



fixes the issue

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Created by: DDL
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Category: Kendo UI for jQuery
Type: Bug Report

When a ContextMenu is opened for the first time, the animation is not executed. Every consequent open trigger the animation successfully.

The issue can be observed in the following Dojo.

Steps to reproduce:

  • Open the ContextMenu and notice there is no animation.
  • Open the ContextMenu again and notice the default animation is triggered.

Last Updated: 02 Apr 2019 13:20 by ADMIN

When showOn assumes its default value(to work with hold event on touch devices), the ContextMenu cannot be displayed by tapping and holding over the target elements.

The iсsue can be reproduced with the ContextMenu Demo.

Last Updated: 18 Mar 2019 15:00 by ADMIN

After updating to the latest version of Kendo UI for jQuery we noticed that the button disabled style appears to be broken.


We were able to reproduce the issue using the Dojo.

The steps to reproduce are very simple.

  1. Open the DoJo
  2. Between the <body> tags place the code below.
  3. Select "Kendo UI 2019 R1" for the Library
  4. Run the project and click the Disable button.  Notice that the edit box is styled as disabled, but the button is not, but looks enabled, yet is not clickable.
  5. Now switch to the previously released library "Kendo UI 2018 R3 SP1"
  6. Click run and click the Disable button.  Notice that both the edit box and button appear and act disabled.



<! Code to put in between tags >

<div id="view">

  <input type="text" data-bind="value: name, disabled: isNameDisabled" />
  <button data-bind="click: disableInput, disabled: isNameDisabled" class="k-button">Disable</button>

var viewModel = kendo.observable({
    isNameDisabled: false,
    name: "John Doe",
    disableInput: function() {
        this.set("isNameDisabled", true);

kendo.bind($("#view"), viewModel);
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The expand Icon of the treeview node is being reset, if another node is dropped above/below it.

To reproduce this behavior you can take the Drag and Drop demo of the treeview. In the initial state the "Furniture" node is expanded. If you take the "Decor" node and drop it above the furniture node, the "Furniture" node stays expanded but the icon changes to collapsed.

ADMIN EDIT: workaround:

The issue does not manifest with R3 2019 SP1.

You can also monitor it in the following GitHub issue:

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Created by: Shane
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Category: Editor
Type: Bug Report

after downloading 

@progress/kendo-ui version 2019.1.115 the default create table feature is not working. It is not working on multiple browsers even here:

the table wizard works but not the cell selection way. Is there a fix for this soon?


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Release 2019.R2

Steps to reproduce:

1. Go to using IE11

2. Delete a sentence in the editor by repeatedly pressing the backspace key.


The characters are deleted slowly with noticeable lag and jank.


The following profile shows the FPS drop when you repeatedly press backspace.


I believe the call to refreshTools is expensive (for IE) and it is invoked on every keyup for backspace.

Last Updated: 29 Jan 2019 08:42 by Dimitar

The "change" event on DropDownList is being triggered when the value change of the widget is via API and not triggered by user interaction.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Manually select a value for category (like Category 4); a console item should be written for user change
  2. Click the "change doc to empty" button which clears the category
  3. Click the "change doc to values" button which programmatically sets the category

Expected: a log item is NOT added because the change was programmatic and the log item is triggered on "change"
Actual: a log item is added even though the value change was programmatic

The change detection inside the select widget is faulty in that it seems to be effected by focus/blur state.

This issue was found after upgrading kendo UI.  I believe the issue was introduced in 2018.1.117

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Release R1 2020
When you place a <label> inside the template of a panelbar, and click on that label, the select event fires twice instead of the expected once.

Note: works as expected on collapsible items, only items without children exhibit the problem.

Reproduction of the problem

Expected/desired behavior
the event keeps firing only once as if you clicked on any place in the item outside of the label.

Potential workaround:


Last Updated: 26 Feb 2019 08:31 by ADMIN

Link to GitHub issue -

### Reproduction of the problem:

1. Run this dojo
2. Collapse one or more of the subCategory groups
3. Collapse the category Group
4. Expand Category

### Current behavior

The aggregate rows are missing and the locked and unlocked content is misaligned

### Expected/desired behavior

Rows should be aligned

1 2 3 4