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Release R1 2020
Created by: Christian
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Category: Diagram
Type: Bug Report

Bug report

When exporting a diagram as a PDF, hidden shapes still visible. 

Reproduction of the problem

1. Run this dojo -
2. Click on "Mask" button
3. Click on "Save as PDF"
4. Open the exported PDF file

Expected/desired behavior

The shape State 1 must not be present on the exported PDF

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Created by: Bhanu
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Category: Diagram
Type: Feature Request


I have to design the flow chart as below using the kendo diagram.  


After dragging the connection from bottom shape  (Add task) to  top shape (Default) as per the requirement it is showing like below. Actually both are same but the design look & feel is completely changed. i want to see the flowchart as like above one. Kindly provide solution for this.



Bhanu N

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Created by: Jonathan
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Category: Diagram
Type: Feature Request
Please provide a way to change the styling of lines used to connect shapes in the Diagram widget. Specifically, I would like to have smooth/spline style lines between points similar to or

Having labels on lines similar to the first picture above would also be quite useful.