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I'm using kendo context menu on a grid that's selectable, & contains links in its row items.

I need to show the custom context menu on selected rows only, without losing the browser's default context menu on the other rows, e.g. to allow opening the link in a new page.

I added a context menu & set the target & filter as follows:

        target: "#grid",
        filter: "tr.k-state-selected[role='row']",
        select: function(e) {
          var grid = $("#grid").data("kendoGrid");
          var model = grid.dataItem(;
          alert( model.age + " " +;

This works fine on desktop browsers (I tried Chrome & Firefox). However, I have a problem on touch devices: the browser's default context menu is never shown for non-selected rows (you can reproduce it using the browser's Emulator) .

Here's a working dojo :

You will notice that I'm using version 2017.3.1026 in this dojo (which is the version currently used by my company), but even if we consider an upgrade, the problem is also reproducible on the latest version (2019.3.1023). 

Please advise,
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