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I notice you have added support for specifying the format of expressionPreview fields, which is great when handling dates and numbers, so thanks for that.

However, ideally I need to be able to use a template for the expression preview for certain fields. For example, take the scenario where you are filtering for 'user_id'. Currently I'm using a custom editor to present a drop-down list of user names to pass the user_id to the filter, which works well, but the expression preview looks like:

User Equals '132'

rather than:

User Equals 'Fred Bloggs'

If I could use a template for the expression preview, I could use a function to display the name associated with the user_id.

This is just one example: there are many others where a template would be useful in the Filter Panel expression preview.

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Scheduled for 2020.R1.SP.next

When using the Filter control and configuring the Fields, if a 'number' type field is used, the value 0 (zero) is ignored, for example:

    dataSource: dataSource,
    expressionPreview: true,
    fields: [
      { name: "age", type:"number", defaultValue: 31 },
      {name: "foo", type: "number", defaultValue: 0},
      { name: "name", type:"string", defaultValue: "Rick" }

'age' and 'foo' are both 'number' type fields, but the default value of 'foo' will be ignored when the filter is chosen in the UI.


Here is a runnable example of this, notice how when selecting 'age' from the fields dropdown, the value correctly defaults to 31, but selecting the 'foo' field will not have the value populate correctly: