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Release 2020.R1.SP1


In the TreeList control when I Freeze first column and apply multi column header in some other column, then setting the filterable property for a column after multi column header is applied to some other column instead of the column on which it is set.


You can find a working sample here.

In this example note that I have set the filterable property false for field "Phone" but its effect is applied on "Position" field and its filters are hidden. Similarly if you apply filterable: false on "Extention" field then the filter on "Address" field will be gone.


Kindly provide a solution for this problem, also let me know if a work around exists for this issue.

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Release 2019.R3
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The TreeList databound event is not fired when pageable is used and an item is collapsed. Here is a dojo to replicate the case. Run the sample and collapse Guy.