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Currently the kendo-datepicker submits the form when you press the enter key in the calendar popup.

I don't think this is the purpose? Can this be prevented please? If the current behaviour is useful in some scenarios, maybe provide a configuration option to alter this.

Thank you in advance.

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Created by: Dzmitry
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Recurrency "End On" date in datepicker is different with RecurrencyRule's one.

Steps to reproduce:

open series from the example,  set Recurrency's End selector to date option, set date to Sep 9th.

Actual result: recurrency rule contains UNTIL=20200910T000000Z.

Save and open series again: recurrency's End date is now Sep 10th.

Changing it to Sep 9th and saving brings no changes.

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Created by: Mark
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Category: Kendo UI for Angular 2+
Type: Bug Report

If ComboBox is used in a form and its required, screen readers will not pick up this information since it is not passed on to the underlying input field.

The example a nice workaround, but a final solution should have this automatically implemented by the control.


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Kendo version :

@progress/kendo-angular-buttons: 5.4.1



How to reproduce :

- Add a kendo dropdown button with some items

- Use appendTo='component' popupSetting

- Bind itemClick and close events


Stackblitz example : https://stackblitz.com/edit/kendo-dropdownbuttons-keyboardnavigation?file=app/app.component.ts


What happens :

- If you use arrows to navigate through items, is always skip one item.

- If you use enter or space to select item, the popup close and reopen immediately.

- If you prevent close as in the stackblitz example : enter and space will fire twice the itemClick event.

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a. In "Show business hours" mode open event creating dialog and set start-end time that is outside of business hours specified, e.g. 07.00-07.30 when business hours are 08.00-20.00.

b. Press Save buttom.

c. Switch to "Show full day" mode.

Actual result - event is not shown.

Event appears only after, e.g. , pressing next arrow button and then pressing back arrow button.