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Created by: Toine
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Category: MaskedTextBox
Type: Feature Request

We are heavily relying on the use of RegEx masks and the MaskAutoComplete functionality in the Telerik Silverlight components. Currently we are completly rebuilding out application with Telerik Angular 2+ so we are missing this functionality.

For instance what we are trying to achieve is:

- force First letter upper case in lastname after every space in the name. (Silverlight --> Mask="([A-Z]\.)+" MaskType="RegEx" MaskAutoComplete="Optimistic")

- initials all uppercase and automaticly place a . after every letter (Silverlight --> Mask="([A-Z][a-z]+)((\s|\-)[A-Z][a-z]+)*" MaskType="RegEx" MaskAutoComplete="Optimistic")


If there is another way to achieve this in Angular 2+ with the current components that is also fine but I cannot find a way in the documentation.