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I need to insert custom html to editor component.

I would like to add custom button which triggers popup with text area. Entered text should then be inserted where current focus is inside <code> tag.

As I see it, this can be done in 2 ways:

  • add another editor command insertHtml (current are bold, insertUnorderedList, createLink, insertFile, ... , fontSize, setHTML)
    This would probably required more time, but would support practically any html code in editor.
  • add support for <code> tag to format command (currently supported are: p, blockquote, h1-h6)
    This would required a lot less time to implement then the first suggestion, but it adds only one feature to editor.
    This feature would be enough for me.

All information was copied from docs.

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Created by: Daniel
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Category: Editor (beta)
Type: Feature Request

After looking through the Editor API for Angular 7+, I noticed that there is no input to add a placeholder for the editor. This is something we had in the past (in other editors) and feel its important to still have. I understand the Editor is in Beta, but is there any plans to add an input to the EditorComponent to have a placeholder like so?

<kendo-editor ... [placeholder]="my placeholder"></kendo-editor>

Or is there already a way to do this?

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Created by: Flemming
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Category: Editor (beta)
Type: Feature Request

I would like if you would add support for gradient colorpicker in the Editor toolbar.

Currently, only Palette is supported.


Since it is possible with the ColorPicker input control and as the Editor Toolbar derives from that, I hope it is possible.

Would be awesome if possible.