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We use the Conversational UI but need to customize the input area. The changes that we need are not merely cosmetic: for example, we want to replace the existing input with a textarea so that our users can have meaningful conversations and not limit themselves to one-liners.

We saw that you already support templates for messages and attachments: can we have input template support as well?

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Hello Telerik,


We are using Conversation UI for chatting between two party.our requirement is initially its load 10 messages ,more older messages will be load as scroll reach at top. but there is not such event is available that fired when scroll reach at top in conversation UI.

See attached file.when scroll reach at top. it should fire an event and add new message before old messages   in conversation UI

Let me know how can I achieve this? sample code will be appreciated.

For more detail please see this video 


Version info

Kendo conversation UI 1.1.1




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we want to build your fine conversational UI into our product? The idea in the first iteration is to use it to render message threads between different users. This means that we need to be able to track which messages the user has seen/read to provide a counter/badge with the number of unread messages. Do you have any examples showing something like that? Could you possibly give us a hint about how to achieve something like that with your API?