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Add configuration inputs for control animation of Dialog component.


Last Updated: 10 May 2019 09:51 by Matjaž
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I would like to move dialog (because there is some content behind I need to see in order to fill form in dialog).

It would also be great if it could be resizable. If you have an input component inside dialog, you could set width to 100%.

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Created by: Bart
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Kendo Feature Request

Allow users to disabled keyboard navigation in the Dialog component.

We have a use case where there is a sliding panel in which users can open a dialog. Currently when pressing 'Esc' both our sliding panel and the modal close because they both listen to the document.keydown event. We would like to write some custom logic for this, so that we are able to handle the events in a way so it knows what to close. But we are unable to implement this since we have no way to overwrite/disable the logic in the Dialog component.

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When opening a dialog with DialogService from an Observable (e.g. in order to initialize dialog with data from a http request) and ChangeDetectionStrategy.OnPush, the dialog is messed up. With ChangeDetectionStrategy.Default everything works fine.

For reproduction have a look to this StackBlitz:


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We need to have it possible to close the active dialog by click on the overlay(backdrop). 

It's very natural as for me and is supported by a lot of libraries for modals/dialogs/windows