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When using the Grid control inside an Angular component which is shown in a dialog (via MatDialog), the component is not properly destroyed after closing the dialog. The same problem doesn't occur when the component instead contains, say, a TreeView.

The problem occurs in Angular 8 and 9, in the Chrome browser. I've created an Angular 8 demo here: and an Angular 9 demo here:

Run the demo, press the "Open dialog" button a number of times, then take a heap snapshot in the Chrome dev console (be sure to first select the proper Javascript VM instance, containing "angular-thr9j1" or "angular-ksfrqy"). The component shown in the dialog is called "MemoryLeakDialogComponent", so use that as a filter. You'll see that for every time you opened the dialog there's now an instance of the component on the heap.

The MemoryLeakDialogComponent contains just an empty kendo-grid tag with no attributes. If you edit its dialog template to instead contain a kendo-treeview component, everything is properly destroyed and garbage collected, which leads me to suspect a memory leak in the Grid component.

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In Version 74.0.3729.108 (official Build) (64-Bit) of chrome, a defined grid with no predefined style property does not scroll properly. 

There is a live-demo on Stackblitz at


This is a fork of the demo example from the kendo-angular-ui documentation available at

In the example, the scrollable grid was defined with a height property. This does not feet to our requirements, as we need a grid component that should flex according to the outside or parent container. 

This problem occured after the update of chrome browser from 73.0.XXX to the version 74.0.3729.108

The problem is fixed when we defined a grid with a height property like [style.height.%] = “100” but according to the documentation the grid should flex automatically without this property. 

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Use IE11:

1. Try to use the grids column menu for filtering

2. Click the column icon => popdown menu opens

3. Click the filter oder column icon inside the menu => nothing happens

I can't even open up your docs using IE11, it just loads forever: