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Created by: Lívia
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Hey Telerik Team,


Please consider accepting some HTML tags like <table> and its repectives <tr> <td>... My company uses templates based on that structure.

Please, we're using the latest version of Angular and therefore Kendo UI Jquery integrated with angular (which allows those tags) does not fullfil our requirements anymore. We need it asap.


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Created by: Lynden
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Can you include the type property on the interface WorkbookSheetRow?

Reasoning: it is useful to filter out rows based on their type and having this available just makes life easier.


Code snippet below.

/** * The sheets rows configuration. */ export interface WorkbookSheetRow { /** * The cells of the every row. Each cell represents a cell from the final Excel document. */ cells?: WorkbookSheetRowCell[]; /** * The zero-based index of the row in the sheet. Defaults to the index of the object in the array. */ index?: number; /** * The row height in pixels. */ height?: number;


*The type of row as string







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It would be nice to have support for horizontal virtual scrolling for the Grid in cases of large number of columns. Just like the current feature for vertical scrolling, in which you can update the visible rows through a pageChange() event handler.
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I need access to Sketch support files containing the existing UI elements for Kendo for Angular so that I can create comps for my design. 

Ideally this would be a collection of sketch symbols that match the current Kendo UI design. 
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Last Updated: 20 Nov 2019 16:25 by Sergei
When using virtual scrolling and the data changes, then it might be desireable to programmatically scroll to top or to scroll to a row containing the data of interest.
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Modeled after the jQuery widget counterpart: