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Created by: Aidan
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It would be very nice to have dedicated PDF Export functionality for the Editor.  Some of the features that would be included with this would be:

  • Built-in exporting of html within the editor, keeping the content consistent with the size of PDF. Currently, tables within the editor are only able to be exported via a workaround where CSS styles have to be applied outside of the editor. (Also, entering data into tables on the editor is very inconsistent - after a few characters, the cursor jumps to the last cell.
  • Pagination Support: Header/Footer, page numbers, page breaks. Currently, header and footer functionality is not possible within the editor/PDF export combo (unless there is another workaround possible). Also, depending on what scale is set for the PDF Export component, content will often run off the side of the page on the exported PDF. It would also be useful to have physical page breaks represented somehow on the editor, either through multiple pages or a line separating them. Unless you manually place the page breaks on certain elements within the editor content, there is no way to see when they will appear. 


These features are crucial to our project and would be very much appreciated.



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Created by: deepak
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I want to edit the outlook email content on the web site (Angular). Please let me know which editor can be used for this?
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Created by: Rajesh
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Need a option to make editor readonly and To hide toolbar