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Last Updated: 23 Feb 2020 14:15 by Feng
Created by: Feng
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Category: AutoComplete
Type: Feature Request

Please make autocomplete list item fully customizable as what it is in jQuery version. I would like to implement something like what it's showing below.


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Last Updated: 22 Feb 2020 22:36 by Feng

Please port virtual scrolling feature from jQuery library to Angular that supports loading new data while doing infinite scrolling, i.e. valueMapper property found in virtual settings

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Created by: Kalli Kaldi
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Category: AutoComplete
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I was a little flabbergasted when I found out that the "AutoComplete" component only handles "Simple Data" - even though there is a parameter called "valueField" and a subtopic under "Data Binding" called "Complex Data". It is impossible to display i.e. the Name of a Person and have the ID of that person as the value of the "AutoComplete" component. Can you please enable this, it is imperative to working with an autocomplete textfield that value and text can be _different_ and that a value other than the selected text can be accessed.

 With a combobox a user will naturally try to open the combobox, not type in it.  This is not a good UI design.

It be great to have a working and visually pleasing autocomplete component. 

Is it possible for you to change the combobox into an autocomplete component? Give it a parameter [autocomplete] and hide the dropdown widget. 

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Created by: Pawel
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After pressing the button "Tab", the value should be selected. Now after blur value is still not selected.