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Last Updated: 17 Jun 2019 13:01 by Adam

(Attached is a picture of the box I am referring to)

When I moused over Func<HttpContext> (seen in red as I had hit "skip" during load), the box seen in picture pops up, and it flickers in and out.  It's not possible to actually click the "Locate Assembly" button because as soon as I move the mouse the popup disappears.


Attached is the project I used to create the DLL.  It is a multi-target project.  It uses .NET Core 3.0 Preview 6 and net46 targets.  I was inspecting the .NET Core 3.0 version of the DLL.

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Can not load WinRT Metadata, the option is grayed out even though I am running Windows 10 and the C:\Windows\System32\WinMetadata folder does exist.


I also tried open the above folder but JustDecompile says it can not fild the folder! I did start JustDecompile as the admin, no luck.  

Please assist. Thanks. 

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Last Updated: 22 Apr 2019 08:21 by ADMIN
Created by: Nilesh
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Error : JustDecomiple Supports only Valid CLR assemblies.
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When clicking a particular recursive function call (go to definition) the entire application hangs and must be reopened.

I think I've whittled the problem down to the following components:

  • abstract generic class - Class1<T>
  • virtual method accepting T - Foo()
  • abstract method returning T - Bar()
  • recursive call of virtual function Foo() with call to abstract function Bar() as parameter

The sequence of events also seems to have a part. After decompiling, select Foo() in the tree to the left, then click the recursive call in the code.

Of course nothing should really happen when this is clicked, as one must be at said definition before clicking the recursive call so nothing would really happen, but still...

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Last Updated: 11 Dec 2018 00:51 by Ahdung

For example, select (double click) "Class2016" and close Search dialog, tab content code will Class2016's code, but sometimes the tab texts still "Class1577", no change, please check.

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    internal Class2653 this[ushort ushort_0]
            return (Class2653)this.hashtable_0[ushort_0];