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Created on: 09 Aug 2021 17:30
Type: Feature Request
New search result filter: search text within results

Dear Just Decompile Team

I would like to propose to add a new search result filter.

At the current state I can go to "search" and search for a text. After that I can add filters to the search results like
Result type
Container Type

But I cannot search for text within the results. So it would be very useful to add a filter to search for text again.

For example:
First search for "window" gives following results:
- window
- window30
- openwindow
- windowclosed
- mainwindow
- windownotopen

Add text filter:
Text contains 'open'

new filtered result list:
- openwindow
- windownotopen

This would be very helpful searching large amounts of text

Kind Regards
Hans M.

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Posted on: 10 Aug 2021 08:52

Could you explain why this should not be a valid feature request?
It would make search much more easy.