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Created on: 02 Feb 2021 10:53
Type: Feature Request
Allow decompilation of DLLs generated with AAB files


I use Visual Studio 2019 with Xamarin to develop a cross-platform (Android and iOS) app. I use an obfuscator on the build code for releases.

When archiving the app for release I like to confirm the success of the obfuscation by unzipping the resultant APK, finding the app's main DLL, and dropping this into JustDecompile where I can view the obfuscated code and confirm it's all fine - which has worked well as a process up to now.

However the Google Play Store is removing support for APK files this year, so I have migrated to building AAB files - their new accepted standard. The problem is my previous method of decompiling one of these is no longer valid; after unzipping the AAB and locating the app's main DLL it is no longer in the correct format to be open-able by JustDecompile, with the following error message:

JustDecompile supports only valid CLR assemblies.

From the following GitHub discussion (https://github.com/icsharpcode/ILSpy/issues/2137) I have discovered that this due to Microsoft altering their file formats for CLR assemblies - they've now added a few additional bits of pre-header - so whilst these are still valid CLRs for Android release purposes, it is not considered a valid CLR within JustDecompile.


Will JustDecompile be supporting decompilation of Microsoft's new DLL format, used within AAB files, in future?