Last Updated: 02 Feb 2021 13:40 by ADMIN
Created on: 29 Jan 2021 08:05
Type: Feature Request
Load an whole folder of assemblies, hunt for references in nuget cache

Would be great if we can set a configuration option for search paths to locate referenced assemblies.

From the "Open" command I should be able to "load from folder" and select my project output folder - all the assemblies from that folder should get loaded.

I can set my local nuGet cache path as a search root:  C:\Users\[username]\.nuget\packages

JD can understand the nuGet folder hierarchy and locate files that are the right name/version or prompt to disambiguate when more than one is found.

You can have an MRU list for "Recent folders" to allow switching between projects.

The Assembly List feature never really worked right for me; and loading files by hand, one at a time, sometimes over dozens of dependencies, is a huge pain - would be very easy to do programatically. Even better to actually download missing libraries from nuGet or MS Symbol Cache.