Last Updated: 20 Mar 2020 10:58 by ADMIN
Created on: 13 Mar 2020 14:46
Type: Feature Request
Navigate the Tree via merged namespaces

When opening Assembly Lists, or any multiple Assemblies in JustDecompile the same Namespace often exists and is extented in different Assemblies.

This makes it difficult to navigate the code because each namespace is shown as a child of the assembly.

It would be very useful to have a mode in which the assemblies can be made transparent with a tree view of the merged namespaces only. This way the user do not have to know in which assembly a certain class is to find it and can get a better view of the global namespace landscape.

For instance currently the browsing tree for two dll's System.dll and System.Web.dll shows:
----{} <Default namespace>
----{} System
----{} System.Web
----{} System.Web.Http
-- System.Web.dll
----{} <Default namespace>
----{} System.Web
----{} System.Web.Http

Then the merged tree should show only:
{} <Default namespace>
--<Module> System.dll
--<Module> System.Web.dll
{} System
{} System.Web
{} System.Web.Http

The details of which assembly contains the selected node can still be shown on the tab as it is now. The navigation, especially for unfamiliar structures, is much simpler this way and it is easier to see what the globally available objects are/will be in the merged execution environment.