Last Updated: 01 Nov 2018 01:19 by Richard
Created on: 01 Nov 2018 01:19
Type: Feature Request
Assembly list should prompt before overwriting
MANY MANY times I have lost carefully crafted assembly lists because: a) the tool auto-loads the previous list, even if you're just launching from VS or Explorer context menu, b) it silently overwrites the list with whatever is loaded in the app when it closes, c) there's no way to control what's in a list, it's just whatever is loaded at the time.

I use the list feature a lot, it would be great if it wasn't so automatic - let me setup a list manually and mark it to load all assemblies from one or more folders (recursively), or add assemblies manually from file/gac to the list.  have a button to "add currently loaded assemblies into the current list", and please provide a warning if 2 assemblies with the same name are loaded from different locations as 5/7 that's a mistake
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