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Created by: Guy
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Type: Feature Request

Currently when you want to restart the fiddler session you have to quit and re-enter the program as much as I saw.

It would be better to have a "clear" button to erase everything in the current session, so it's easier to manage sessions.

Last Updated: 23 Apr 2019 07:36 by ADMIN
I cannot open Fiddler captures (.saz files) on Fiddler Everywhere on the MacBook.  I realize it's only at v0.2.2, but is there a roadmaap for when Fiddler Everywhere will get such a feature?
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Created by: Iwan
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Type: Feature Request
I'd like to be able to connect iOS or Android devices to Fiddler and intercept their HTTP / HTTPS traffic. Preferably with as little pain as possible
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I would like to be able to copy a selection or everything from a recorded request/response.


Last Updated: 10 Dec 2018 15:09 by ADMIN

Sometimes when I close Fiddler Everywhere, the process Fiddler.WebUi stays alive.

When I try opening a second Fiddler Everywhere it can't bind on 8886 and I have to force quit (kill -9) the process before re-opening Fiddler.