Last Updated: 07 Aug 2019 06:41 by ADMIN
When an image is placed in a table row and the document is exported to PDF the image top edge is placed at the center of the table border because the border thickness is not respected.
Last Updated: 06 Aug 2019 13:26 by ADMIN
Release LIB 2019.2.812 (08/12/2019)
When the imported html contains an attribute of the type width="", Wordsprocessing throws ArgumentException and does not import the document. 
Last Updated: 06 Aug 2019 12:51 by ADMIN
Created by: Brittany
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Category: SpreadProcessing
Type: Bug Report
It takes ~42 seconds to remove each 100th row from a document with 50000 rows and 100 columns.
Last Updated: 05 Aug 2019 14:51 by ADMIN
When the content of a page is rotated, each glyph is exported on a new line.
Last Updated: 02 Aug 2019 10:56 by ADMIN
Importing document with invalid bookmarks throws System.Collections.Generic.KeyNotFoundException. The issue is caused by an invalid bookmark having missing BookmarkRangeStart/BookmarkRangeEnd elements.
Last Updated: 01 Aug 2019 07:57 by ADMIN
Importing document containing TextBox widgets with NormalContentSource defining text properties, such as FontSize and Position, are exported with incorrect appearance when the value of the field is modified.
Last Updated: 31 Jul 2019 08:24 by ADMIN
Release LIB 2019.2.805 (08/05/2019)
Importing an image from HTML with URI as a source, which has applied only width or height and exporting it to PDF (which forces getting the image data so it can be drawn) leads to an incorrect value of 1 (a default value) for the dimension that is not specified.
Last Updated: 31 Jul 2019 07:13 by ADMIN
Release LIB 2019.2.805 (08/05/2019)
When the document contains an image with extension, which is not among the supported ones, a KeyNotFoundException is thrown during Import.
Last Updated: 19 Jul 2019 06:49 by ADMIN
When importing color space defined as an external resource name, a NotSupportedColorSpaceException: 'CS0 color space is not supported.' is thrown.
Last Updated: 08 Jul 2019 10:43 by ADMIN
Release LIB 2019.2.708 (07/08/2019)
An ArgumentException is thrown when importing HTML containing standard and non-standard pseudo classes or pseudo elements. The concreete scenario is the following: 
.myclass::-webkit-scrollbar or .myclass::-ms-expand

The message of the exception is similar to this: "Unexpected character found at position [X]: ".. scrollbar::>>-<<webkit-scrollbar"". 
Last Updated: 01 Jul 2019 07:14 by ADMIN
Release LIB 2019.2.701 (07/01/2019)
When DefaultTabStopWidth of the document is zero, the export to PDF leads to infinite loop which causes the application to freeze.

Set the DefaultTabStopWidth with non-zero value:
document.DefaultTabStopWidth = 0.1;
Last Updated: 01 Jul 2019 07:04 by ADMIN
Release LIB 2019.2.701 (07/01/2019)
By the PDF format specification, CIDToGIDMap is optional. The default value is Identity. However when exporting CID Font with missing CIDToGIDMap property the analyzing tool causes the following warning message:

"PDF/A requires that a Type 2 CIDFont has a stream mapping from CIDs to glyph indices or the name Identity as its value."
Last Updated: 21 Jun 2019 12:43 by ADMIN
Release LIB 2019.2.624 (06/24/2019)

When there is long text that is out of the used cell range area, this text should be included in page splitting calculations.

Also, when a cell has text that overflows its width, the text is again clipped by the cell boundaries and is not visible in the exported PDF. In a similar case Excel exports the surrounding cells to ensure that the content is visible.

Workaround: Extend the used cell range to include all the cells which the text content spans.

Last Updated: 18 Jun 2019 14:44 by ADMIN
HTML heading elements (<h1>-<h6>) are imported with the default heading styles (Heading 1 - Heading 6) for RadFlowDocument, which is unexpected, as the browsers and MS Word import them with different styling. 

For example, <h1> is imported as Heading 1 with font the following properties:

Font: Cambria
Font color: Accent 1
Spacing before: 14 pt
Spacing after: 14 pt

While MS Word imports it as:

Font: Times New Roman
Font color: not set (black)
Character spacing: Kern at 18 pt
Spacing before: Auto
Spacing after: Auto
Last Updated: 18 Jun 2019 14:39 by ADMIN
"bolder" font weight is imported as regular font weight in the RadFlowDocument model. Instead, it should be imported as bold.
Last Updated: 11 Jun 2019 12:46 by ADMIN
Release R2 2019 SP1
The data validation rule should have values for formula1 and formula2 elements, which define the start and end values for a range to validate between. When such values are missing, a NullReferenceException is thrown on import and the document cannot be imported.


System.NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object.
   at Telerik.Windows.Documents.Spreadsheet.FormatProviders.OpenXml.Xlsx.Model.Elements.Worksheets.DataValidationElement.CopyPropertiesToSingleArgumentContext(SingleArgumentDataValidationRuleContext context)
   at Telerik.Windows.Documents.Spreadsheet.FormatProviders.OpenXml.Xlsx.Model.Elements.Worksheets.DataValidationElement.CopyPropertiesToDataValidationRuleContext(DataValidationRuleContextBase context)
   at Telerik.Windows.Documents.Spreadsheet.FormatProviders.OpenXml.Xlsx.Model.Elements.Worksheets.DataValidationElement.ListRuleFactory(IXlsxWorksheetImportContext context)
   at Telerik.Windows.Documents.Spreadsheet.FormatProviders.OpenXml.Xlsx.Model.Elements.Worksheets.DataValidationElement.OnAfterRead(IXlsxWorksheetImportContext context)
   at Telerik.Windows.Documents.Spreadsheet.FormatProviders.WorkbookFormatProviderBase.Import(Stream input)
Last Updated: 28 May 2019 14:42 by ADMIN
After signing a document using the PdfProcessing library and the document is loaded in Adobe Acrobat an error is shown when the signature widget is clicked:
Error during signature verification.  

Adobe Acrobat error.
Expected a dict object.
Last Updated: 23 May 2019 13:14 by ADMIN
When the worksheet contains many formulas which use large ranges (e.g. covering 50000 cells) as arguments and these formulas have to be calculated, this causes OutOfMemoryException. 
Last Updated: 15 May 2019 14:18 by ADMIN
Created by: Hector
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Category: Telerik Document Processing
Type: Bug Report
Testing Tracked Forum
Last Updated: 15 Apr 2019 14:56 by ADMIN
For example, importing URI Action with invalid mailto URL scheme - mailto:***@***.**(E-mail), throws UriFormatException: 'Invalid URI: The hostname could not be parsed.'