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I was working on some acroforms and wherever I needed a space I kept on getting a different letter (Ê). On debugging the problem seems to be in the TryGetCharCode function of OpenTypeFontSource

Version: 2019.3.917

Below is copy of function

public override bool TryGetCharCode(int unicode, out int charCode)
            bool result = false;
            ushort glyphId;
            charCode = CMap.MISSING_GLYPH_ID;
            if (this.TryGetGlyphId(unicode, out glyphId))
                ushort uCharCode = CMap.MISSING_GLYPH_ID;
                CMapTable table = this.CMap.GetCMapTable(3, 0);
                if (table != null)
                    result = table.TryGetCharId(glyphId, out uCharCode);

                table = this.CMap.GetCMapTable(1, 0);
                if (table != null)
                    result = table.TryGetCharId(glyphId, out uCharCode);

                charCode = uCharCode;

                return result;

            return false;

The font used has 2 cmap tables: one with platformid of 3 and encodingid of 1, the other with platformid 1 and encodingid 0. According to platform id 3 and encoding 1 is correct for windows so not sure why the first call to getcmaptable looks for encodingid 0.

Second of all even if I change it to the following

CMapTable table = this.CMap.GetCMapTable(3, 1);

if there is a second cmap with platformid of 1 whatever the result of the call with regards to platformid 3, the result will be overridden

I can say that if I add some checks so that if the first call succeeds it doesn't attempt the 2nd I do get the expected behaviour in the pdf and get spaces


As a note the FontFamily property of the OpenTypeFontSource is "Arial"

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The background color is not respected when it is applied to part of the spans in a paragraph and the document is exported to PDF.

Html code in which the background color property is respected: <span style=""background-color:red;"">test with background</span>
Html code in which the background color property is NOT respected: 
test<span style=""background-color:red;"">test with background</span>
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Inserted inline images are not scaled when they are exported using PdfFormatProvider.
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If a paragraph is numbered and its last run is underlined, on export to PDF, the numbering will be underlined as well. This does not apply for other formatting options, like font weight and font color. When exported to DOCX the numbering is not underlined.

Item is duplicate of WordsProcessing: List bullets are exported to PDF underlined/highlighted when the last run in the corresponding paragraph is underlined/highlighted
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ArgumentException with clarification similar to "'\u001f', hexadecimal value 0x1F, is an invalid character." is thrown when trying to export document containing characters which are not supported in XML document - such as some control characters like 0x00, 0x1F, 0x1B, etc.

Such characters are described in the XML specification here:

Code to reproduce 
using (var stream = File.OpenWrite("sample.xlsx"))
using (var workbook = SpreadExporter.CreateWorkbookExporter(SpreadDocumentFormat.Xlsx, stream))
using (var worksheet = workbook.CreateWorksheetExporter("My sheet"))
using (var row = worksheet.CreateRowExporter())
using (var cell = row.CreateCellExporter())
      cell.SetValue(string.Format("Error Value: {0} ", Encoding.ASCII.GetString(new byte[] { 8 })));

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Closed as duplicate. Please, follow the item at .
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When iterating through the rows and cells of an imported Worksheet in at least one of the rows GetValue().Value.ResultValueType for a number cell is set to GetValue().Value.ResultValueType.Text and the value to "error" or "string".

For us this happens in a worksheet with 200 rows max. and columns formated as date, time, time followed by some text and number columns.
In our Tests with different excel files it allways happened once (between line 11 and 16) and only for the first two columns.

Exporting the worksheet back into a new excel file will show all rows and columns types and values OK.

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When paragraphs in list and with hanging indent set are imported from RTF, unexpected values for hanging indent and left indent are imported. The problem is most visible when the document is exported to HTML and visualized in browser, as bullets of the list appear over the content.
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The font size in the table does not respect the CSS for the corresponding class. There is similar issue with <li /> element.