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For example exporting the text "\uD83D\uDE0A" with "Segoe UI Symbol" font family should export a single smiling face. Instead the characters are skipped during the export as PdfProcessing is trying to export them as separate char values ("\uD83D" and "\uDE0A") and the font does not contain glyphs corresponding to these char codes.
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When creating a GradientStop, an alpha channel of the color could be applied. However, this setting is not respected it the result document and the gradient is with full opacity.

Steps to reproduce:
1. Create a gradient with an alpha channel:

RadFixedDocument document = new RadFixedDocument();
RadFixedPage page = document.Pages.AddPage();
FixedContentEditor containerEditor = new FixedContentEditor(page);

LinearGradient linearGradient = new LinearGradient(new Point(0, 0), new Point(30, 30));
linearGradient.GradientStops.Add(new GradientStop(new RgbColor(10, 0, 207, 0), 0));
linearGradient.GradientStops.Add(new GradientStop(new RgbColor(10, 0, 102, 204), 1));

containerEditor.GraphicProperties.FillColor = linearGradient;
containerEditor.DrawRectangle(new Rect(10, 10, 48, 29));

2. Export the document to PDF

Observed: The alpha channel is not respected and the gradient is with full opacity
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Exporting document with a missing image is caused by handled Exception on import for DecodeParms containing null or stream object. Currently, PdfProcessing supports only decode parameters containing simple types. The case when some dictionary value is null or stream object should be implemented.

Another case is when the whole dictionary/stream is null. In this case, an ArgumentNullException is thrown.
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When characters are in the ranges 61472-61566, 61565-61695, 65535-65535 they are correctly exported with Wingdings font. However, when the character value is outside these ranges the font fallback mechanism exports them with different font and this causes wrong glyph rendering in the resulted PDF.

The following code snippet shows how the Wingdings characters can be modified so that they are correctly exported to PDF when converting from WordsProcessing's RadFlowDocument:
RadFlowDocument document = new DocxFormatProvider().Import(File.ReadAllBytes(@"test_document.docx"));

foreach (Run run in document.EnumerateChildrenOfType<Run>())
    if (run.FontFamily.GetActualValue(document.Theme).Source.Contains("Wingdings"))
        StringBuilder modifiedText = new StringBuilder();

        foreach (char character in run.Text)
            modifiedText.Append(character > 256 ? character : (char)(character + 61440));

        run.Text = modifiedText.ToString();
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When some character is not supported by the font, the fallback mechanism should try finding some other font that is capable of rendering the unsupported character. However, RadPdfProcessing fallback mechanism does not always find the correct font which sometimes result in wrong glyph visualization or in missing glyph.

Workaround: Font that supports these special characters may be used. This way the fallback mechanism will not be needed to export the PDF text.
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When images are added to the document with non-default quality (PdfExportSettings.ImageQuality different that ImageQuality.High) , they are re-encoded, which uses a lot of memory and may cause OutOfMemoryException for large images.
Workaround (works when inserting big JPEG images): In this case ImageQuality.High may be used and RadPdfProcessing will decode only the image headers to insert the image into the PDF file. As image pixels are not decoded with ImageQuality.High, there will be no OutOfMemoryException.
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Measuring big paragraphs is time consuming and may be optimized.
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Currently every text fragment is exported by specifying all its properties. When there are many fragments one after another we may skip specifying the properties for every single fragment. This will improve both memory and time consumption performance.
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