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Release R3 2019 SP1

The NuGet packages don't differ .Net Core projects from .Net Core with Desktop Compatibility Pack. This leads to incorrect resolving of the dependencies and the .Net Core projects targeting .Net Core 3.0 cannot be built.

Workaround: An option applicable for all the libraries is to extract the assemblies from the .nupkg files. For PdfProcessing and ZipLibrary you can use the assemblies directly from the pdfviewer installation folder.

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Created by: Stefan
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Category: Telerik Document Processing
Type: Bug Report
When two documents are merged and the source document has watermarks, these are not cloned in the target document.

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Release R1 2020
Created by: Tanya
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Category: Telerik Document Processing
Type: Feature Request

Currently, Telerik Document Processing is available only for .NET Framework and (partially) for Silverlight. Create version targeting .NET Core.

Update: There is a version of Telerik Document Processing compatible with .NET Core 3.0 in the UI for WPF suite. You can use this version in .NET Core projects running on Windows. The assemblies can be downloaded from, the Downloads section of UI for WPF -> Betas tab. Please, note that you should have a valid license for UI for WPF in order to be able to see this version. In case you don't, you can use the Trial license by downloading a trial version of the suite. More information about this version of UI for WPF and how it can be used is available in the related blog post.