Last Updated: 21 Mar 2023 14:26 by ADMIN
Release 4.2.0 (26/04/2023)

Keyboard support is only working properly when the ChipList is bound to a List<ChipModel>.  If you try one of your other demos of the chiplist the following will occur:

  • Right Arrow will navigate to the next chip in the list
  • Left Arrow will navigate to the first chip in the list

I would expect that the Left Arrow will navigate to the previous chip in the list.  (As a side note, I would recommend having the the Down Arrow and Up Arrow mimic Right and Left since a screen reader user won't necessarily know that the chiplist is horizontal.)

An example of the problem can be found in this demo:

Here is a sample where I converted the returned list to List<ChipModel> and bound to that:

In that example, the Left Arrow functions normally.