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I have a project with a grid and a context menu.  When I right click on a grid cell, I create a contextual menu based on the name in the grid row.  Then when I run the await ContextMenuRef.ShowAsync(mouseEventArgs.ClientX, mouseEventArgs.ClientY); command, the menu is from the previous right click and previous row.  The actions performed based on the menu choice happen for the right row but the menu itself, it shows previous values.  I have included my mock project for your perusal.  Click on Invoices to get to the page with the problem.
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Based on the sample app "BlazingCoffee" (where you can reproduce this bug), when I add a ContextMenu in the grid Sales, using OnRowContextMenu of TelerikGrid, there's an asynchrony in the behavior of telerik-blazor.js when it open the popup of the ContextMenu and when it try to focus it.

The bug consists in the fact that when I have a vertically long grid, with an active scrollbar, if I right-click on the first row to open the ContextMenu, the app first try to focus it, does not find it, then scroll the page to the bottom and after all this it open the popup of the ContextMenu in the right position. So you need to scroll back to row where you right-clicked to visualize the ContextMenu. 

In general, it try always to focus to the first element of the ContextMenu and after that it open the new ContextMenu in the right position, letting it focus the page in the wrong position.

To solve this wrong behavior I deleted the last line of code of the method "focusFirstMenuItem" of "telerik-blazor.js". If I remove "t&&t.focus()", the ContextMenu works perfectly, without unwanted scrolling.

I hope you can resolve this soon.


Angelo Marzullo


P.S. Telerik version: 2.24.0

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The Class does not render on the topmost element so you can't properly set css rules like z-index to the context menu.

A workaround is to set a higher z-index to all animation containers with a rule like this:

    .k-animation-container {
        z-index: 987654;

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I am using the context menu to open a modal window. When I click on the menu item the component throws an exception. 
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