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Release 2.30.0
Created by: Taarti
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Category: Pager
Type: Bug Report

We have encountered the following accessibility issue with the navigation buttons of the Pager:


<a data-index="0" aria-label="Go to the first page" title="Go to the first page" class="k-link k-pager-nav k-state-disabled k-pager-first" aria-disabled="true" tabindex="-1"><span class="k-icon k-i-arrow-end-left" role="presentation"></span></a>

How to fix - Fix the following:

ARIA attribute cannot be used, add a role attribute or use a different element: aria-label

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Release 2.30.0

An accessibility issue is found on pager lists when scanned by Lighthouse in Chrome.

Tables and lists These are opportunities to improve the experience of reading tabular or list data using assistive technology, like a screen reader.

List items (<li>) are not contained within <ul> or <ol> parent elements.

Screen readers require list items (`<li>`) to be contained within a parent `<ul>` or `<ol>` to be announced properly.