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Created by: Christian
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the filemanager toolbar item configurator doesnt work correct.

The Id setter function does not work.



            .Toolbar(tb => tb.Items(items =>


Generated HTML

The Button Id get an default value.




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Created by: Patrick
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Kendo Version - Kendo MVC 2019.2.619


My values appear in the previous option item.

Drop Down List name and values:

  • Name = "Select From" 
  • ID = ""
  • Name = "ABCHERG"
  • ID = "ABCHERG"

I have one item and a "Select from" option (see data above) in my list

I select "ABCHERG" from my drop down list and the value that's returned is blank.

If I select the "Select From" option the value returned is "ABCHERG"

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I'm using drawing.drawDOM to create a PDF. I have to make a table of contents in the beginning of the PDF. I've got two issues:

- How do I link to another section of the PDF? <a href="#conclusion">Conclusion</a> and then later <a name="conclusion"></a> doesn't seem to work :-/

- How do I figure out on which page a specific part of the document is being rendered? In my TOC I would like to say " 22".