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Created by: Jonathan
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We are using globalization with UI for ASP.NET MVC to translate control to French (fr-CA). However, while most messages are correctly displayed in French, there are some that are still displayed in English. For example, if we use the Grid control with filter on a 'string' column, the dropdown for the operators shows both French ("Commence par") and English ("Is empty") operators:

Looking at the source code, we can see that in ressource files "Messages.fr-FR.resx" and "Messages.fr-CA.resx", there are some messages that are still in English (for example, Filter_StringIsEmpty).

Note that corresponding text seems to be correctly translated in jQuery messages file (for example, "kendo.messages.fr-CA.js"), so it might only be a matter of applying the same translation to .resx files.

Note also that the same problem seems to be present in the source code of the latest version (2020.1.114).


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Passing a dynamic object to a template column builder throws an exception:

c.Template(m => { })
.ClientTemplate("<input type='checkbox' value='#= Id #' />")

Using an explicit cast doesn't throw the error:

c.Template(m => { })
.ClientTemplate("<input type='checkbox' value='#= Id #' />")

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Bug report
The issue is reproducible when the DatePicker with DateInput is used as an editor in Kendo Grid for ASP.NET MVC with "InCell" edit mode.

When a value which is less than the Min value or more than the Max value is typed in, the DatePicker is left blank rather than applying the Min/Max value.

Reproduction of the problem
1. Create a grid and set the "InCell" edit mode.
2. Create a DatePickerFor() editor and enable the DateInput(true) property.
3. Input value which is before 1/1/1900 or after 12/31/2099. E.g 1/1/1111
4. Value is left blank instead of the Min value being applied. (Same goes for Max value)

Current behavior
When value before 1/1/1900 or after 12/31/2099 is typed in, the cell is left blank instead of the Min/Max value being applied.

Expected/desired behavior
Apply Min/Max value to the model, instead of null.

Kendo UI version: 2019.1.220

jQuery version 1.12.4

Browser: [all]