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I have a problem with the selection in the scheduler. The selection with mouse and the shift button from e.g. 1pm to 3pm is possible but not from 3pm to 1pm.
There's no problem with a selection only by mouse (hold left mouse button and select time-slots). There's a selection in both directions possible.
The Problem occurs in UI for ASP.NET Core and UI for ASP.NET MVC.
Here's my example for my problem:

Is there any solution to select time-slots from a higher to a lower time with the shift button?
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add a grid to a view

open the view with data bound to the grid.

First line of data is not selected.


Now i have to program the ondatabound property for a function which belongs to the grid component. Make it configurable for grids which do not need this feature or vice versa.

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Created by: Gary
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Category: UI for ASP.NET MVC
Type: Feature Request
There should be capabilities to group parent resources to selected child resources

Currently the Scheduler groups all child resources under each parent resource.
Example Resources:
Parent resources: New York Tennis Club, California Tennis Club
Child Resources: Court 1, Court 2, Court 1, Court 2, Court 3, Court 4

Currently the Scheduler groups parent and child resources as:
- New York Tennis Club is grouped with Court 1, Court 2, Court 1 and Court 2, Court 3, Court 4
- California Tennis Club is grouped with Court 1, Court 2, Court 1, Court 2, Court 3 and Court 4

I would like the capability to group parent resources with selected child resources, in my situation im trying to achieve this structure of grouping:

Desired Grouped Resources:
- New York Tennis Club is grouped with Court 1 and Court 2
- California Tennis Club is grouped with Court 1, Court 2, Court 3 and Court 4.

If you look at the Syncfusion Scheduler, they have this feature, it would be nice if the Telerik/Kendo Scheduler could do this..

If you look at the link i provided below, you can see that the Syncfusion Scheduler allows multiple resource groups which has the capability to group parent resources to selected child resources.

Syncfusion Scheduler Demo shows:
Room 1 is grouped to Nancy and Michael
Room 2 is grouped with Steven
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Created by: Jonas
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Category: UI for ASP.NET MVC
Type: Feature Request

I have a problem with the DataSourceRequest Filters that are passed from grid to controller - they are not deserialized as I would expect it.

At the client side, I pass a single Composite Filter with logic: "or" and several Filter Items with same field and operator, but different values:


At the server side, they are not deserialized in the same form as I would expect, but in a recursive way. I would prefer to not convert the whole filter chain in my own code, only to process it in the same way it was sent from the client 

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Created by: Marcin
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Category: UI for ASP.NET MVC
Type: Feature Request
Cancellation token is widely supported in entity framework. And it has big benefits for long running queries to allow cancel them.

ToDataSourceResultAsync methods should support passing cancellation token as a parameter.
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Created by: Imported User
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Category: UI for ASP.NET MVC
Type: Feature Request
Please implement native DateTimeOffset support to the filtering and sorting in the MVC Kendo grid.
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Created by: erick
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Category: UI for ASP.NET MVC
Type: Feature Request
Take the look and feel of the UI for IOS gauges, for instance the linear gauge, and duplicate that into a more customizable gauge tool set.

Particularly, the ability to gradient linear gauges, remove ticks and round the edges. Similar to a progress bar with a value marker.
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Created by: Ben Hayat
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Category: UI for ASP.NET MVC
Type: Feature Request
I'd like to suggest a TagCloud just like the one in Telerik Ajax offering.
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Created by: Victor
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Category: UI for ASP.NET MVC
Type: Feature Request
The Grid should allow switching between case sensitive and case insensitive filtering.
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Created by: Dave
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Category: Grid
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I think there is a bug with the DataTimeOffset field when used in a Grid. It cannot display correctly and is showing something like /Date(1364927400000)/. I have to retrieve my data from database as DateTimeOffset format and then use a new ViewModel to convert the DateTimeOffset values to DateTime values. This is really annoying.


Could you let me know if there is a way a DateTimeOffset field can be supported in the grid? Sometimes you do have to display the time zone info.


I hope this can be fixed in a future release.




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Timeline should support datasource like most other Kendo MVC component (eg. Grid) with additional data. eg:


                  .DataSource(dt => dt.Read("GetHistory", "Controller").Data("getPersonID"))
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I have identified a discrepancy in behavior of Telerik Spreadsheet vs Excel in treatment of array formulae (multiplication of arrays)


The spreadsheet attached contains two examples on how the difference on how Excel and Kendo spreadsheets handle array formulas is impacting the tool I'm developing.

The first example is a simple multiplication between a one-column range and a two-column range. Since both have the same number of Rows, Excel multiples both columns of Array 2 by the Array 1 and sum them
Kendo instead expects both ranges to have the same dimensions, so the same array formula throws an error when opened on Kendo

The second example is a the sum of a multiplication between two same-sized matrixes, but conditioned to a flag array. If the flag for that row is true, then the multiplication of the elements of that row should be added to the final result. On Excel, it works as expected.
On the other hand, Kendo seems to consider the “Flag” matrix as a 2-column matrix with the second column left blank, so the result is the multiplication of the first column of array 1 by the first column of array two, conditioned by the flag array:

You can check the results uploading the attached spreadsheet to the Demo available online:

Please let me know your feedback and when/if we can expect an alignment of Spreadsheet behavior to Excel's

Kind regards

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It would allow the drawer to be used as a navigation toll and more responsive site if instead of having to build is item via a template to define items like the tabstrip widget and each item defined to support Loadcontentfrom.


              .Items(i =>
                  i.Add().Text("Dimensions & Weights")



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Created by: Albert
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Category: PDFViewer
Type: Feature Request
Please add keyboard scrolling support for the PDFViewer control. Scrolling through files with a lot of pages is very difficult.
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Just like posted here (and declined) :

I would like to see a portable separate assembly that : 
- can be referenced both on ASP.NET MVC side and WCF server side.
- A DataSourceRequest and DataSourceResult class that serialize well in both SOAP and REST WCF.

Referencing Kendo from the Application server side also requires references to System.Web.Mvc, Razor pages, ... and others that shouldn't be necessary.
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i tested the updated pdfviewer of version 2019.3.1023, but it did not work as expected.

I have some questions about usage und customizing

  1. How can i customize the toolbar actions, primary the print action/command? See the dojo link
  2. Is it possible to get the print window result of the pdf viewer?
  3. Is it possoble to call the print command? I tested the execute function, but it doesn't work. I get only an error (this is not an constructor...)
  4. the download function download every time a document.pdf, the assigned name is ignored




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The "CreateDataSourceResult" function verifies if the given DataSourceRequest "Sorts" list is empty and if the IQueryable provider is Entity Framework. If both are true, it adds a default OrderBy to the query on the first sortable property. This makes sense as EF must be ordered before skipping items.

The following statement checks the given DataSourceRequest and IQueryable:

if (!sort.Any() && queryable.Provider.IsEntityFrameworkProvider())


This leads to unwanted behavior if the query is already sorted on the server and the corresponding SortDescriptor is removed from the "Sorts" list. This is needed if we want to sort on a viewmodel property that doesn't exist on the EF model.

An additional check should be done on IQueryable to see if it is already ordered to avoid replacing the existing OrderBy with a default one.

if (!sort.Any() && queryable.Provider.IsEntityFrameworkProvider() && queryable.Expression.Type != typeof(IOrderedQueryable<TModel>))




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Created by: Narendra
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Category: PDFViewer
Type: Feature Request
Can you implement a scrollbar for the PDF viewer control? The current scrolling doesn't allow the user to grab the scrollbar and do the scrolling.
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Created by: Bryan Patrick
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Category: Spreadsheet
Type: Feature Request


When using the URL feature of the spreadsheet it seems to use "_blank" as the target (opens in a new window).


My spreadsheet is in a single page application with some javascript already loaded.

I'd like to have the url be something like "javascript:myfunction('test');" which works well even with an a tag "<a href='javascript...'>"

I do this quite a lot with templates on the Grid control.

Not asking for templates on the spreadsheet, just let us specify the target and/or use local javascript functions in an "a href";


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Created by: Peter
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Category: Date/Time Pickers
Type: Feature Request

Please consider enhancing your TimePicker to something like the following:

The picker shows AM and PM at the same time, and quickly allows you to select in 15 minute increments. 

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