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Category: UI for ASP.NET MVC
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Passing a dynamic object to a template column builder throws an exception:

c.Template(m => { })
.ClientTemplate("<input type='checkbox' value='#= Id #' />")

Using an explicit cast doesn't throw the error:

c.Template(m => { })
.ClientTemplate("<input type='checkbox' value='#= Id #' />")

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Category: TreeMap
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Currently, the MVC TreeMap does not support direct binding to the model. It can only be bound through a DataSource.




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Created by: Craig
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Category: Editor
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We are using the Kendo Editor control and need to take actions based on the onChange event firing.  We have found that some formatting changes, such as changing the column width in a table doesn't trigger the onChange event.

Is there a work around for this issue.  It can be reproduced using your editor event demo here

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Category: Scheduler
Type: Feature Request
Hello, is it possible to add a header and footer to the pdf export? I can see this is possible for other kendo controls like the grid, but the same doesn't seem applicable to the scheduler. 
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Bug report
The issue is reproducible when the DatePicker with DateInput is used as an editor in Kendo Grid for ASP.NET MVC with "InCell" edit mode.

When a value which is less than the Min value or more than the Max value is typed in, the DatePicker is left blank rather than applying the Min/Max value.

Reproduction of the problem
1. Create a grid and set the "InCell" edit mode.
2. Create a DatePickerFor() editor and enable the DateInput(true) property.
3. Input value which is before 1/1/1900 or after 12/31/2099. E.g 1/1/1111
4. Value is left blank instead of the Min value being applied. (Same goes for Max value)

Current behavior
When value before 1/1/1900 or after 12/31/2099 is typed in, the cell is left blank instead of the Min/Max value being applied.

Expected/desired behavior
Apply Min/Max value to the model, instead of null.

Kendo UI version: 2019.1.220

jQuery version 1.12.4

Browser: [all]

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we have a hard time controlling the cells "Enable" attribute in a data binding scenario, because it really depends on the data, e.g. the complete Row must be read only (Enable = false) when Cell "Completed" is marked with true.

I mark this as "Feature request" because I think there is no such functionality, but I'd need some dynamic expression here, you could reuse the validation expressions, e.g.:

enable: "NOT(ISERROR(FIND(\"true\", B3)))"


As an alternative/workaround, maybe we can reuse validation / reject, so instead of making the cell non-editable, leave it editable but reject any kind of change, this is just a thought and I feel like there is no easy way to do it like this either.


You might wonder how we apply validation or enabled/disabled cells in data binding scenario; We basically run post processes after data binding, so because I think there is no other way doing it.

Best regards