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Created by: Peter
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Category: Window
Type: Bug Report


I'd like to report a problem with the window component. It's only related to Google Chrome and occurred after the last Chrome update. Windows and Mac alike.

When dragging a non-modal window it does not move smoothly, but in a jerking manner. There is no problem with modal windows.

I've enclosed a screen video. The first windows is moving perfectly, the second erratically. Of course, this is not a major issue, but the client still complains.

This is the configuration. .Draggable(true) does not change the behavior.
      .Title("Placering produktdokument")
      .LoadContentFrom("LoadInsertProductsDialog", "Catalog")
      .Events(e => e.Error("utilities.handleWindowError"))
      .Events(e => e.Close("insertProducts.onClose"))
      .Events(e => e.Activate("insertProducts.wireToolbarEvents"))
      .HtmlAttributes(new {style = "padding: 0;"})
      .Draggable(d => d.Containment(Model.IsPhone ? "" : ".body-content"))
      .Width(Model.IsPhone ? 0 : 700)
      .Height(Model.IsPhone ? 0 : 450)
      .Resizable(r => r.MinWidth(300))
      .Resizable(r => r.MinHeight(260))
      .Actions(a => a.Custom("help").Minimize().Close())